Unlimited Records

The Dnurse APP is also a glucose test
logbook that forms the basis of the Dnurse
analytics capabilities. This data can be
shared to caregivers, doctors and anyone
you consent to.


Coupled with Dnurse Smart Glucose Meter,
your can be free from manual logging.

Real-Time Analysis

Dnurse APP generates quick graphs of blood
glucose levels and can identify complications from the
mis-management of insulin levels before they arise,
recommending corrective action based on
the Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS).


Dnurse APP prompts daily reminders to users
regarding blood glucose, insulin dosage requirements,
medication schedules, exercise routines and dietary


The Dnurse APP is compatible with iOS, Android, and
Windows mobile operating systems. Furthermore, the
Dnurse glucose meters and insulinK®
have been deployed by a wide range of chronic
disease management solutions.